For centuries, pilgrims on their way to Saint-Jacques de-
Compostela, take the Via Podiensis (GR65) to get to this high place of pilgrimage.

After the green valley of the Lot, the Quercy is the gateway to the path in Tarn et Garonne … Lauzerte, Moissac and Auvillar are united by this invisible link that is the Camino de Compostela and the thousands of pilgrims who tread this area every year. territory made up of hills and plains, where the Tarn and the Garonne meet and cross the Canal des Deux-Mers. Discover this land of plenty where the locals with a singing accent, charming villages, orchards and sun-kissed fruits, markets and local gastronomy await you.

Prepare for the way

  •  Prepare your physical condition
  •  Adapt your equipment
  •  Choosing good shoes
  • Provide rain gear
  • Survival blanket
  • A meat bag for accommodation
  • Gourds for carrying water
  • Do not overload the backpack

Please note: bivouacs are not authorized in some villages, and in the event of an orange alert for severe thunderstorms, there are few fallback areas. It is preferable to plan a minimum of budget in order to fall back in a secure accommodation. On your arrival, in your stopping area, it is best to check the weather forecast.

To know everything about the paths of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle and prepare your itinerary