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The steps: create your furnished tourist accommodation

Rental of furnished tourist accommodation and guest rooms: the right things to do!
You want to rent furnished accommodation or guest rooms, adopt the right reflexes.

What is a furnished tourist accommodation?
Art. D324-1 of the Tourism Code:
“Furnished tourist accommodation are villas, apartments, or furnished studios, for the exclusive use of the tenant, offered for rent to a passing clientele who makes a stay characterized by a rental by the day, week or month , and who does not take up residence there. “
“Classified accommodation must be for the exclusive use of the tenant, without the owner or other tenants passing through during the entire stay. »(Art. 1-1 Hoguet law n ° 70-9 of January 2, 1970).
It meets the minimum conditions of comfort and habitability set by Decree No. 87-149 of March 6, 1987:
“It is free from specific permanent odors, it is located outside nuisance areas: busy roads, railways or airports. “

  • Please note: tourist accommodation cannot be rented for more than 12 consecutive weeks to the same person and must comply with the standards in force in the Construction and Housing Code.


Pursuant to the provisions of Article L. 324-1-1 of the Tourism Code, all furnished tourist accommodation, whether classified or not, must be declared to the town hall of the municipality where they are located.
The CERFA 14004 * 04 form must be completed. In case of non-declaration, the fine is 3rd class (450 €). (Art. L324-1-1 of the Tourism Code)
Any change concerning the information elements of this declaration must be the subject of a new declaration at the town hall. (Art. D324-1-1 of the Tourism Code)
The Deux Rives Tourist Office, being responsible for the information disseminated, will ask you for a copy of this declaration to promote your accommodation.
(By mail or

Download the CERFA document:

A declaration of existence is also mandatory. It will be deposited:

  • at the Registry of the Commercial Court if the rental is considered a civil activity (Poi form)
  • in the Trade and Companies Register if the rental of furnished accommodation is carried out on a professional basis


Once the furnished tourist accommodation has been declared to the town hall, it is interesting to have the furnished accommodation classified.
Indeed, the French state has decided to better guarantee the quality of its tourism offer by improving the official classification system through greater adaptation to customer expectations and international practices.
The star classification of tourist accommodation concerns hotels, campsites, residential leisure parks, tourist residences, holiday villages and furnished tourist accommodation.

This voluntary star rating from 1 * to 5 * is valid for 5 years and is issued by ADT 82.

To make the request, you must make an appointment with the Deux Rives Tourist Office on 05 63 39 89 82. To keep the benefit of the stars, the accommodation is evaluated every 5 years, the host must in re-apply.
The advantages of ranking:

  • A 71% tax reduction on the income tax return – non-professional landlord. If no classification, reduction of 50%.
  • The assurance to the tenant of a QUALITY rental.
  • The possibility of renting through the departmental reservation center and the Tourist Offices.
  • An increase in rental attendance.
  • Free membership of ANCV (Agence Nationale des Chèques Vacances) in order to be able to accept holiday vouchers, expand its clientele and benefit from free communication.
  • The promotion of accommodation to customers, which meets strict quality criteria and standards with regard to the various regulations in force.
  • The possibility of benefiting from a valuation via the communication media of the ADT and the Tourist Offices of the department.
  • The publication of classified establishments on the departmental website of the ADT 82.

In addition, the new law on the tourist tax favors classified furnished accommodation.

The furnished tourism classification is independent of any other commercial approach. A label is awarded by a commercial organization: the Gîte de France label… and the holiday key.


The rental of a furnished guest room necessarily includes the grouped supply of one night’s stay (including the supply of linens) and breakfast.

  • Reception must be provided by the inhabitant.
  • From a regulatory point of view, the minimum surface area of ​​each room must be 9 m² (excluding bathrooms), with a ceiling height of 2.20 m. But it is generally accepted that, for commercial reasons, a room cannot be less than 12 m².
  • Each room must give access (directly or indirectly) to a bathroom and a toilet and be in compliance with regulations on hygiene, safety and sanitation.
  • The rooms and bathrooms must be cleaned daily at no additional cost.
  • The price is free, but must take into account the comfort of the room, the services offered and the tourist attraction of the region.
  • The operator is however subject to certain obligations in terms of price display and invoicing.

Warning :
The capacity is limited to 5 bedrooms and 15 people at the same time. Beyond,
the operator must comply with the regulations governing hotels and establishments open to the public (ERP).
Any resident, who offers for rent one or more furnished rooms at home to accommodate tourists, must make a prior declaration to the town hall of the place of residence, under penalty of a fine of 450 €. The declaration at the town hall for guest rooms is made with the Cerfa form n ° 13566 * 02. A copy of the declaration must be sent to the Deux Rives Tourist Office.
The declaration must specify:

  • the identity of the inhabitant;
  • the identification of the domicile of the inhabitant;
  • the number of rooms rented out;
  • the maximum number of people that can be welcomed;
  • the rental periods planned.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Deux Rives Tourist Office:
Auvillar office: 05 63 39 89 82
Valence d’Agen office: 05 63 39 61 67

New regulations for the publication of advertisements for furnished tourist accommodation

As part of the new publication regulations on announcements from hosts, we now have the obligation to publish the announcement with the siret / siren number and to specify whether you are a professional or not. In addition, we are obliged to have your authorization in writing.

We therefore ask you to complete the document available below and return the completed and signed version to us, and attach a photocopy of your siret / siren number, without forgetting to tell us whether you are a professional or not.

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